Craig Whitridge


Senior Associate, Director of Production

“Great buildings are our lasting testaments—enduring symbols of our skills and our values.”

It has been over 35 years since Craig began his journey in architecture, a profession that built a series of open and closed doors. As a young man, he left business school at Northwestern University and instead ventured to California to begin an architectural education. Throughout his career, Craig attributes progress to hard work, relentless dedication and the people he met—people who guided him, trusted in him and believed in his experience and work ethic.

As the Director of Production, Craig offers a vast amount of expertise in projects including office, medical, civic, manufacturing, military, entertainment, custom home and school buildings. Craig knows that for a building to last 50 or more years, each and every material and system must be properly selected and detailed. His dedication to quality and attention to detail has earned him praise and repute from building owners and operators alike.While Craig likes to use the newest tools like Building Information Modeling software to evaluate construction details, he finds that nothing can quite take the place of good, old fashioned, hands-on experience to know how well a material or system should conjoin and how well it will perform over decades of use. Craig earned his Bachelor of Art in Architecture from the University of New Mexico.

Craig’s professional icon is Buckminster Fuller, an architect who espoused the idea of “finding ways of doing more with less to the end that all people everywhere can have more.” Craig deeply admires Fuller’s concern about sustainability and human survival, a calling that prompted Fuller to explore principles of energy and material efficiency in design, engineering and architecture.Outside of work, Craig enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid gardening enthusiast. He can be found in his backyard nursery planting, transplanting, nurturing seedlings, re-landscaping or maintaining the landscape. Several years ago, he took up the hobby of growing Madagascar Palms and Plumeria from seeds, and with the advent of California’s drought, he has now added succulent plants to his collection.

Advice Craig Still Lives By:
“When preparing construction documents, think like a contractor and compose the information on the sheets as that of an artist.”