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Renee Rose Andrade

Director of Strategy

“Make it a habit to challenge your assumptions. Immerse yourself in empathy for another. Ask why. Ask why not. Just because something ‘has always been done this way’ doesn’t make it right or the most effective.”

Growing up, Renee can’t remember an educational activity she didn’t enjoy and wanted to excel at. Whether it was figure drawing, human biology, war time history, statistics or creative writing. Except for animal dissection, she despised that, hence, medical school was out of the question early on. She attributes this love of learning to her parents’ vehement investment in always instilling in her a spirit of exploration and desire to pursue constant betterment of oneself. Something she hopes she is successfully passing on to her own daughter.

As the Director of Strategy, Renee brings an integrated and holistic approach to strategic planning with experience in organizational visioning and strategy, marketing, brand communications, creative direction, business development, team leadership and talent management. She loves unlocking vision, creating direction and structure, and then seeing creative teams reap the benefits. Renee is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She earned her Bachelor of Art in Art History from California State University, Long Beach.

When she’s not working, Renee spends most of her time with her husband and 5-year old daughter, “mini me.” When she can sneak in alone time, she enjoys reading Lapham’s Quarterly, writing, listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast and doodling. Her bucket list includes visiting Angkor Wat, collaborating with Tony Robbins and space tourism.

Advice Renee Still Lives By:
“Success happens when preparation meets opportunity,” but, “A good plan aggressively executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.”