Sandi Rockwood

Director of Business Development

“Create opportunities where there does not seem to be one, and connect people who can benefit from each other’s expertise, both professional and personally.”

Sandi’s personality fit hand-in-hand with business development. A good listener skilled at approaching others, finding a common thread and instigating an engaging conversation, Sandi fell into the profession naturally, propelled by a vibrant personality and contagious enthusiasm for connecting people and resources together.

As the Director of Business Development, Sandi utilizes over 20 years of business administration experience as well as her extensive knowledge of the real estate process and market trends to provide value to clients. Her ability to recognize the value of collaborative alignment and her understanding of the progressive business community enables her to create industry connections that provide greater opportunities and ensure project success.Sandi’s prior experience with various types of clients—from developers to corporate tenants to investors—enables her to identify under-utilized commercial buildings and spaces. She recognizes where to engage architectural and interior design professionals for re-positioning, consequently adding value to a building and increasing tenant demand. Sandi studied Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University.

Sandi tends to admire professionals who distinguish themselves with grace and class and first recognize the value in people and family before striving to become a compassionate professional. Focused on positive work ethic and prioritization, Sandi believes in diligently seeking self-improvement while also observing and encouraging potential in others.When she isn’t working, Sandi must constantly brainstorm new activities and adventures to entertain her two young sons, Ethan and Carter. When allowed some “grown-up” time, Sandi enjoys cooking, attending live performances and spending time with her husband and friends. Items on Sandi’s bucket list include taking her boys to Europe, learning how to fence and publishing a book.

Advice Sandi Still Lives By:
“Create the world you want to live in.”