Shazad Ghanbari


Senior Design Principal

“Architecture is a field of application for various forces: space, time and economy. The director—the ‘conductor’—should understand all of these forces to find the right team members—the ‘instruments’—to create this harmonious frozen symphony.”

Shazad always viewed architecture as a fascinating mystery, one that he felt passionate about solving. Architects must remove all layers of a site to discover its secret and potential, and for Shazad, the allure of using creativity and inventiveness to help others drove him forward in the profession, prompting him to produce timeless, superior solutions by understanding client needs.

As a Principal, Shazad challenges the architecture professionals at the Westgroup studio to learn and respond to the most fundamental expression of a client’s vision. A seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience, Shazad ensures each design study and solution maximizes the value of various forms, systems and materials. His vast experience working with both public and private clients allow him to exceed performance expectations, all the while remaining sensitive to context, culture, climate, budget and schedule.

Shazad focuses on strategies and policies that sustain the highest standards of organization, collaboration and technical innovation in design and delivery. His work has been published and showcased nationally and internationally, and he has spoken at numerous international professional conferences. Shazad earned his Ph.D. in Architecture from Milan University. He is a former professor of the School of Architecture for Pescara University in Italy.

Shazad’s favorite work of architecture consists of Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe’s Berlin Modern Art Museum, a national gallery with immense steel columns and a symbolic glass pavilion that expresses the designer’s concepts about the lithe interior space.

When he isn’t working, Shazad enjoys reading, watching movies and working with cultural & nonprofit organizations and museums. As a son, husband and father, Shazad values loved ones above all else, believing that the one impossible thing to give up in life would be his family.

Advice Shazad Still Lives By:
“Whenever I am working on the problem, I never think about beauty; I think only of how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not ‘beautiful,’ I know it is wrong.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller