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A Modern Fire Department Needs Modern Facilities: City of Downey Selects WD for Modernization of Fire Stations #1, #2, #3 and #4

The Downey Fire Department is a far cry from the department of yesterday. Challenged with providing comprehensive fire and life-safety services to meet increasing service demands from its outdated facilities, the City of Downey has engaged Westgroup Designs to identify current and future needs across their network of four fire stations.

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Coastline Community College Partners with WD to Renew its Commitment to Students as ‘Tomorrow’s College Today’

Coastline Community College is deeply committed to the success of its students and the faculty that support them. Wanting to complement their student-centered approach to education, Coastline is engaging WD’s expertise in campus planning to identify opportunities to provide an enhanced and integrated campus experience at their four OC Centers.

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“STEM It Up” #allornothing

For many of our designers, creating experiences in Next Gen and STEM learning resonates very close to home. We have a passion for thinking outside of the box- whether it’s through the community, at home, or for the holidays- our designers share their favorite approaches to engaging their children in STEM activities after hours and outside of the classroom.

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