Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day, From Home

Sustainable and resilient strategies, for their places and spaces, is a priority that we share with our clients and project partners. As our team, along with all of you, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, in support of the efforts to protect our environment, thinking globally, acting locally, we are reminded of what we can do, and continue to do, while we WFH (Westgroup From Home).

Everyone in the WD family is committed to reducing our individual carbon footprint. Here are just a few ways our team members are contributing to ecological resilience from home:

  • Growing new vegetables from scraps, including greens, onions, carrots and celery
  • Providing Nest Boxes and upcycled nesting materials in your yard for birds
  • Planting fruit trees, including citrus, pear, pomagranite and nut species
  • Upcycling natural materials for reusable totes, plant hangers, furniture
  • Planting flowers that are bee, bird and butterfly friendly for organic pollination
  • Investing in reusable water pitchers with filters in lieu of purchasing water bottles
  • Using and gifting reusable metal water bottles
  • Opening windows for fresh air and circulation in lieu of running the air conditioning or heater
  • Picking up trash and debris in your community during walks and short outings
  • Capturing rainwater for use in watering indoor plants and cleaning outdoor surfaces
  • Using eco-friendly products to support the “zero-waste” movement, including reusable food storage, bees wax paper, bamboo cleaning supplies