Natalie Lecomte

Director of Marketing Development

“Our business is ever evolving; learning new things is a lifelong pursuit. There are always opportunities to grow and to add another string to your bow.”


Natalie collaborates with office leaders to develop, manage and deliver strategic pursuits and initiatives for clients and project partners. As the WD liaison to various civic organizations and consultants, she leads and coordinates all of the moving parts of the project proposal process, from qualifications through award. Also, managing WD’s philanthropy program, Natalie develops and implements the firm’s opportunities for office, industry, and community outreach, including event participation, donation and activities which serve and promote the welfare of others. Her commitment to team engagement, our WD brand, vision and office culture helps promote our dynamic, engaging studio environment and winning attitude. Natalie’s international industry experience spans more than 15 years, including 10 years working on the construction side of the business in Europe.


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