Long Beach Belmont Pier Visioning

Westgroup Designs conducted a Community Outreach Meeting for the Visioning of Belmont Pier alongside a local Council Member. The team presented the guiding principles for the project, history of the pier, comparable examples, and imagery that represented design elements. The community members were encouraged to sign-in, write on comment cards, and provided a short Questions/Answer. Once the presentation was completed Westgroup conducted an “Imagery Board Study” through 6 boards with 9 images each showing various design elements, and community members were given stickers to place on the images representing positive and negative reactions. During this time the community was invited to ask questions about the boards with the team members, and were encouraged to have any additional notes written on the comment cards to be formally reviewed.

After the conclusion of the meeting, all information obtained was documented, analyzed, and summarized. The comment cards were evaluated for common topics and those topics were ranked by frequency of mentions. The Image board survey results were used to calculate which themes achieved positive or negative reactions. All the information gathered was used to inform preliminary concept alternatives that align with the inspirations positively received by the community.