We’ve always said ‘We’re about the people not about the building’ that’s what an architect can really do for you, is when you have a vision and they’re there to help you meet the vision that you have, the needs for your students and your staff and the community, but to expand that vision as well, and Westgroup certainly has done that for us.

“When I walked in to the Raleigh Improv, all I could say was “WOW”. It was our first project together and already you captured our brand essence and elevated it…outstanding. We’ve never had a club look like this before and I’m so excited to start working on the next one. It’s just another reason why we love working with you and your team, because you really ‘get’ us and that is invaluable.”

“Your staff has always shown extreme dedication, professionalism and dependability. Your follow-through, attention to details, planning and coordination have been invaluable and make your firm a ‘problem solver'."

“Westgroup Designs is one of the most dedicated, client oriented and budget conscious architectural firms. More importantly, they listen. They listen to our needs, challenges and desires, and then they follow through.”

“Building a relationship with you was a delight. Extraordinary people like you visualize the impossible and see it as possible. Your commitment to seeing this project to fruition reached that deep well where passion lives, where creative ideas came to life. Your enthusiasm gave inspiration, motivation and creativity to this project.”

“Westgroup Designs saved us over $1.5m in construction costs while fast-track delivering a 130,000 sf, LEED-Platinum office building…but more importantly, the building allowed us to keep Google as our valued tenant. None of the other firms we worked with before could commit to doing that on our time-table and budget.”