b.glen Laboratories Headquarters

b.glen, the moniker for Beverly Glen Laboratories, is an International skin care company focused on women’s wellness. For their west coast US headquarters in Huntington Beach, the client’s strategic goal was to maximize efficiency and prepare for long-term growth, while maintaining a creative space that would be inspiring and dynamic. This focus benefits all staff, where teams would enjoy different views throughout the day and evening, as some groups work extended hours to serve their largest client base in Japan, whose time zone is 16 hours ahead.
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Rather than a scientific or healthcare aesthetic, the company leadership asked us to combine their love of California coastal living with the simple, architectural style of the Japanese culture, incorporating progressive technology. Westgroup Designs successfully embraced their functional needs and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. Efficient workstation team areas for sales staff are balanced and integrated with multiple open, casual areas where the creative teams work on branding and concepts.

With a transparent approach to communication, WD featured shoji-inspired lattice style framed glass partitions in black finish for meeting spaces, and maintained the open feeling, with strategically placed acoustical clouds, and decorative lighting and finishes with soft shapes and warm textures and tones. Digital technology systems and equipment, such as automated systems and screen presentation spaces are highlighted in both private and shared areas, offset by hands-on display and collaboration tools, such as white board walls and pin-up boards.
Having a hands-on client team as part of the design process along the way provided the necessary collaboration to achieve success together, fulfilling b.glen’s corporate philosophy of working together to deliver the right solutions.


B.Glen Laboratories


Huntington Beach, CA


20,000 sf new interior construction


Interior Design, Architecture, Planning, Branding