Beast & Bounty

WD mixes biophilic design with traditional detail for a modern eatery. As more restaurants opt for either “of the moment” trend or classic modern, WD helped our client create a delightfully engaging combination of both for their first experience as owners. Crowned as Beast and Bounty, successfully enticing patrons for the last year, this unique light, bright and inviting destination, is grounded by rustic natural materials of used brick, concrete and wood.

With seating for more than 112, guests are treated to a substantial menu of eclectic offerings from tofu to beef, while they socialize in leather banquettes, surrounded by the whimsy of hanging plants and brass trimmed fixtures and accessories. The oak plank with glass stair railing, ascending to secondary storage areas, becomes an architectural feature framing the rear of the space. The visual balance created with the right mix of industrial and traditional styles opens up many opportunities for this unique eatery to continue pushing the boundaries of gratifying gastronomy. Beast and Bounty is located in the center of the Midtown Sacramento food scene at the Ice Blocks.

Photography by Beast & Bounty.


Beast & Bounty


Sacramento, CA


2,600 sf new interior construction


Interior Planning, Architecture