Christie Digital Headquarters

When it came to renovating the headquarters of this high-tech innovation powerhouse, we made sure our design went above and beyond.

Christie Digital Systems is a problem-solver, just like us. A global company that offers visual, audio and collaboration solutions for the business and entertainment industries, Christie Digital prides themselves in delivering high quality, environmentally friendly results. Our challenge was to make sure the new improvement of their 75,000 sf headquarters adequately captured their inventive vibe and environmental focus.

In addressing Christie Digital’s vision, we provided planning and interior design services and incorporated progressive technology, natural daylighting and energy efficient LED illumination. The renovation features a myriad of collaborative and multi-function spaces to support the creative and flexible high tech staff. Renewable resources such as bamboo and recycled stone and glass echoed Christie Digital’s commitment to conserving resources and reducing waste.

By marrying creativity and sustainability with progressive technology, we were able to achieve our desired result—a clean, resourceful and modern design conducive for collaboration and reflective of the company’s environmental leadership.


Christie Digital Systems USA


Cypress, CA


75,000 sf tenant improvement


Planning, Interior Design