Coastline Community College Le-Jao SRC

With more resources comes a need for more space. Le-Jao Center believes in offering every inch of themselves to support their community college students, so we approached their project with the same mentality.

Coast Community College District needed a 2,000 sf addition to the Student Resource Center of one of its satellite campuses, Le-Jao Center. At Le-Jao, students have access to computer classes, counselors, English learning labs, tutoring and information resources for special programs academic, personal and social development. The existing Student Resource Center had minimal support spaces for students to study, collaborate and socialize in. Le-Jao needed to expand, and they asked us to help organize this growth.

What did we do? We maximized the value of the addition by proposing a new location for it on site. Our designers strategically situated the addition at the very front of the cloistered campus to provide students and staff a strong, visual connection to the Westminster Civic Center and the community that it serves. We relocated the existing Student Success Center computer lab to a classroom directly connected to the Student Resource Center addition. We also created a new outdoor seating plaza and space for a future café.

By paying attention to enhancing the space’s overall efficiency, we molded our resulting design to benefit students in both their academic and personal endeavors outside of the classroom.


Coast Community College District


Westminster, CA


2,000 sf new construction


Planning, Architecture, Interior Design