Doheny Eye Institute

Westgroup Designs partners with Doheny Eye Institute as it embarked on the development of a new headquarters at 150 North Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena.

For the past two years, Westgroup has worked closely with Doheny staff and leadership to realize their goals and aspirations for DEI’s new 115,000 SF new home for their administration, research & development and medical facility. Through our comprehensive and collaborative programming, planning, and visualization, the Westgroup Designs team has led an interactive process to define and develop the design for this revolutionary environment that will satisfy Doheny’s research, conferencing, and office needs for years to come. The concept includes strategically converting an office building into highly functional laboratories, administration, and conference facility, with open, welcoming spaces that also offer a sense of security. This approach requires upgrading the building systems to accommodate higher mechanical and electrical needs and stabilizing the building structure to maintain research activity. The design concept creates a community-oriented and collaborative, sustainable and flexible environment, respecting DEI tradition while looking forward to future innovations. As Doheny Eye Institute moves forward to implement its ambitious vision, we are delighted to have started with their project team and stakeholders on the ground floor, to establish the design foundation and process for developing this home for the future of Vision Science.


Doheny Eye Institute


Pasadena, CA


115,000 sf


Programming, Space Planning, Concept Design and Development, Visualization