Hugo Boss At South Coast Plaza

Say hello to clean and classy. For Hugo Boss, we unleashed elegant, modern design to completely renovate their high-end retail location in Costa Mesa, California.

Hugo Boss breathes modern design, be it in their clothing, furniture or architecture. A classic menswear brand in the 1970’s, Hugo Boss has evolved into an international brand for both men and women. Based in South Coast Plaza, one of the most prestigious shopping centers in the nation, this 6,000 sf Hugo Boss store needed a comprehensive revamp to clearly communicate their brand message.

We knew that the interior design needed flares of modernity and sophistication only appropriate for reputation of the Hugo Boss name. Long, strong lines and sleek edges served to highlight the clean, luxurious essence of the store while still maintaining an air of elegance. Our strategic placement of lighting harmonized with the image of modern architecture.

The design resulted in a clean and defined space, built specifically to spotlight luxury quality design workmanship of fashion, shoes and accessories.


Hugo Boss


Costa Mesa, CA


6,000 sf tenant improvement


Planning, Interior Design