La Quinta High School Campus

The design of La Quinta High School’s ten new buildings transforms the 50-year old school into a modern and welcoming campus experience without disrupting the day-to-day learning activities.

The district wanted to secure and maximize $40 million of AB 300 funds for a series of new construction and modernization projects. By employing our trust relations, technical knowledge and funding knowledge of DSA and OPSC, we were able to negotiate funding concerns and strategically calculate resources in accordance with design. We utilized fresh, modernized design elements that focused on cost efficiency—not simplicity—and our strategic, fast-track and complex phasing system prevented disruption to educational delivery.

WD fast-track designed ten new buildings at the 2200-student La Quinta High School. The work on campus involves reconfiguring parking and student drop-off areas, the creation of landscaped academic quads, the addition of 5 Classroom Buildings, a dedicated Science Building, a new student and staff Dining Hall, new Library Media Center, a new 450-seat Performing Arts Center, and a new gym and aquatic center. With the strategic use of multiple phases, our designs could be constructed without disrupting day-to-day learning activities.

The buildings are designed to maximize natural daylighting to all classroom spaces and reduce overall campus energy consumption. Architecturally, the character of the new construction builds on the warmth found in the brick masonry used at the exterior of each school’s existing Administration Building. Interesting building angles, branded environmental graphics, and updated technology encourage school spirit and a desire to learn, transforming the La Quinta campus into a 21st century learning environment.


Garden Grove Unified School District


Garden Grove, CA


Phase 1: 40,296 sf, one science and two classroom buildings
Phase 2: 46,855 sf, three new classroom buildings, cafeteria
Phase 3: 19,992 sf, library/media center, performing arts auditorium
Phase 4: 34,000 sf, gym & aquatic center


Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design