Mead Valley Library

Riverside County wanted to support the community with a welcoming space that provided a variety of services. We created an interior environment that engages residents of all ages to enjoy.

Riverside County needed a place to serve their community. They asked for a new 24,000 sf facility that would fit the modest scale of the surrounding rural residential community, while also providing the local families and residents with an array of services and activities to take part in.

The interiors of the new library are strategically designed to separate the quiet areas from the action-oriented ones. Interior window seating areas are built into the perimeter, providing relaxing spaces to read while maximizing natural light and garden views. Planned along the interior linear building spine, designated rooms for teens and children were created for flexible, collaborative learning. These learning spaces, along with study rooms and self-check-out are supported by progressive technology for events and programmed activities.

The resulting interior design provides an engaging multi-functional amenity space with cutting edge technology.


Riverside County, Economic Development Agency


Riverside, CA


24,000 sf


Interior Design