Opzoon Tianjin R&D Campus Amenity Building

With meteoric growth comes the need to scale both operations and the employee experience. Opzoon envisions a new amenity building to kick off the expansion of their new R&D Campus / Data Center in Tianjin and they’re partnering with Westgroup Designs to connect the elements of Live, Work, Play and their desired employee brand experience.
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Opzoon Technology Co., Ltd. Is a global solutions provider for data center and cloud computing headquartered in Beijing, China. Founded in 2009 with worldwide subsidiaries in Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, Opzoon holds over 400 patents to support its proprietary software and hardware solutions.

Fueling the company’s meteoric growth is an expansion of its core R&D operations through the construction of a new R&D Tech Campus / Data Center in Tianjin. Opzoon’s new Tianjin R&D campus will provide all three elements of Live / Work / Play for its executives, researchers and staff. For the first phase of expansion, Opzoon engaged Westgroup Designs (WD) to address their desired employee experience with the design of a new campus amenity building.

WD’s design of the 75,000 gsf, 5-story amenity building will house quick-service and sit-down dining facilities, fitness, recreation, large conferencing spaces, VIP lounges and executive residential units, organized accordingly:

  • 1st Floor – 3-story VIP Reception Atrium, Quick-service Dining Commons, Karaoke Bar / Lounge
  • 2nd Floor – Corporate Tech Gallery, Two Sit-Down-Service Restaurants with Private VIP Dining Rooms
  • 3rd Floor – VIP Lounge, Large Corporate Meeting Rooms, Fitness Center, Recreation Room
  • 4th & 5th Floors – Executive Residential Units
  • Rooftop – Outdoor Roof Garden and View Terrace

The amenity building has been situated to create a pedestrian-focused, centralized courtyard space that enhances connectivity to all campus functions. Our design locates the most public spaces such as the Quick-Service Dining, Fitness and Recreation on lower floors for both ease of access and promotion of an active, social environment.

The building design employs a unique exterior sunshade along the south-facing courtyard elevation inspired by geometries found in the hardware that supports Opzoon’s systems. The exterior shading still maximizes natural daylighting to program spaces while allowing views of the central courtyard for building occupants.

The project additionally features an outdoor roof garden that reduces the building’s heat gain and supports a rooftop terrace space that will have views of the supertall Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 Tower to the north.

WD’s resulting design connects Live / Work / Play activities on campus with Opzoon’s desired employee brand experience.


Opzoon Technology Co., Ltd.


Tianjin, China


75,000 gsf, new 5-story mixed-use building


Campus Planning, Architecture