The Improv & Levity Live – Milwaukee, WI

Westgroup Designs continues to develop new concept designs for the IMPROV, the

nationally recognized entertainment venue, for parent company, Levity Live Entertainment.

This 20,000 square foot venue in the heart of Milwaukee, at the upscale The Corners of

Brookfield center, features multiple Show Rooms and lounges, with a distinct industrial

chic vibe that is packed for every show since it's official opening in 2021.  Featuring a

24-foot long Skyfold wall which opens to join the two showrooms, this venue seats up

to 500+ patrons for large shows and special performances.

Custom booth design with a distinct curve allows for optimal stage viewing as well as

socializing, and the decorative wall panel design conceals substantial acoustic system

to optimize the vocal and music experience.

With the IMPROV iconic brick wall on stage and at key areas, paying homage to the long

history of the brand, the facility is appointed with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and

technology, often concealed behind and above finish materials.

Visiting this new venue, Robert Hartmann, the Founder of Levity Live, noted of this design: "Milwaukee will be the model for all future builds!

Renowned comedian Jo Koy celebrates the pending opening of the Milwaukee Improv with Westgroup Designs’ project team, in 2020.


Levity Live & The Improv: Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI




Planning, Architecture, Interior Design

"Milwaukee will be the model for all future builds!"

- Levity Live & The Improv: Milwaukee, WI