TIMES2 Mixed-Use Redevelopment

Dorn Platz Properties saw potential in reusing an abandoned newspaper printing plant. We transformed the derelict production area into a vibrant, pedestrian-focused mixed-use development for people to live, work, shop and play in.
Property management company Dorn Platz Properties wanted to evaluate the possibility of recycling a former LA Times facility for office, retail and residential purposes. The existing building is a relic of the industrial age of information organized to support a linear production process. Our design repurposes the hulk-like production facility as part of an overall master plan that transforms the campus into a hip, industrial and vibrant mixed-use development that exponentially increases the value of the unused space. Named Times2, the plan evokes the lively collection of different uses found at Times Square, New York.

The proposed Times2 795,000 sf Redevelopment Master Plan includes:

375,000sf, 2 and 3-Story Adaptive-Reuse Building (Mixed-Use)
180,000sf, 6-Story Office Building
120,000sf, 4-Story Office Building
120,000sf, 3-Story Residential above 200-Stall Garage
2400-Stall Garage (4 Level Above-Grade, 2 Level Below)
6-Acre Linear Park Amenity

Phase 1 of Times2 revitalizes the existing warehouse / printing / distribution areas of the former production facility into creative office, retail, restaurant and fitness uses. Select penetration and replacement of existing tilt-up concrete wall panels with curtain wall glazing opens the building to the community while the addition of a sky lit-atrium the length of the building creates a centralized “Grand Hall” that optimizes tenant lease depths and maximizes year-round natural daylighting to the interior. Eliminating existing surface parking hardscape reduces heat island effect for the site while allowing for a new 1.6-acre linear park space as the heart of the campus. An outdoor terrace space connecting the mixed-use building and 6-story office building bridges over the linear park to create a campus gateway.

The project employs numerous sustainable strategies in addition to the adaptive reuse of the existing structure. Energy consumption is offset by 36% via a 1.4-megawatt high-efficiency, rooftop solar array. Stormwater is collected and stored onsite with water consumption further reduced by using drought-tolerant landscaping and reclaimed water for irrigation.

Future phases of Times2 include the addition of a progressive, 6-story, Class-A office building that creates a primary gateway for the campus with frontage towards the I-405 Freeway. With the demolition of existing sub-standard facility office spaces, the north end of the campus allows for the creation of a new 4-story, office building and a 3-story, 100-unit residential development.

The result? Our design transforms 397,000 sf of derelict production area into 795,000 sf of vibrant, pedestrian-focused mixed-use space for people to live, work, shop and play in.


Dorn Platz Properties


Costa Mesa, CA


375,000 sf adaptive re-use and 420,000 sf new construction


Campus Planning, Architecture