TRI Pointe Homes

Westgroup Designs (WD) created an environment for award-winning TRI Pointe Homes to successfully complete their vision: to create neighborhoods that enhance lives and nurture the community, while leaving the smallest footprint on our environment.

With generous space for collaboration, touch down, display and shared work areas, the design supports the company principles to THINK, RENEW and INSPIRE each other and the community, as they lead the way in reimagining the next generation of homebuying. A balance of open, gathering, break out spaces with well-appointed presentation and conference spaces throughout, all connected by central circulation allow multiple large team engagement without disruption, with the flexibility to welcome large groups for office events in the common area. A warm, hospitality-inspired palette of finishes, lighting and furnishings echo the comfort, theme and style of typical TRI Pointe Homes neighborhoods, with advanced technology throughout for ushering in their progressive work processes which support their Living Smart programs for their commitment to the environment, energy efficiency, security and connectivity.


TRI Pointe Homes


Irvine, CA


20,000 sf


Programming, Planning, Architecture, Interior Design