Westgroup Designs

Westgroup Designs recently relocated our headquarters to integrate our strategic planning and growth initiatives with a greater dynamic and immersive experience, suited to support our diverse clientele from various industries, empower employees, enhance collaboration, embody our values, and with a timeless design strategy, pave the way for a resilient future.

Our new workplace, in Irvine Company’s Newport Gateway campus, provides optimal daylighting from windows on all elevations which we utilized to provide visual transparency through to the interior office core by use of glass partitions and strategically placed solid partitions, enhancing connectivity, productivity and creating a sense of unity.

In developing our office design, creating a comfortable, dynamic and engaging environment was a priority. This was our foundation for optimal function of open modular work areas, private and flex meeting, learning and social amenity areas; and having support and collaboration zones, all within our managed construction budget, applied strategically and evenly across the floor. Beyond reflecting who we are, our branded environment also tells the story about who our clients are, what they do and why it matters – in essence, our purpose, which is critical to understand for our innovation and high performance.

Our workplace environment, highlighted by graphics, technology, displays and amenities are the basis of Westgroup Designs’ internal culture; essentially, our staff and client experience.

We Design. We Deliver. We Drive Change.


Westgroup Designs


Irvine, CA


13,500 sf


Interior Design, Architecture