Wood Gutmann & Bogart Headquarters Expansion

The business insurance brokerage firm best known for its national programs and financial solutions, sought to expand its staff workspace in response to business growth and diversity. Sharing the client’s progressive vision for their industry, Westgroup Designs delivered a fun, fresh environment which fosters engagement and knowledge sharing.

Wood Gutmann & Bogart added a new key department, requiring an expansion of their 2-floor headquarters into the adjacent suite’s 3,500 square foot space, creating various activity zones in which to focus on work, training, collaboration, and socializing.

With bright ceilings and exposed structure, the workspace feels twice the size of its footage. Open areas were designed to encourage flexibility and mobility, in an environment which provides ample support space, including the strategically located open break room café, copy/file/server rooms and well-appointed, customized conference room.

Concrete floors, LED lighting, and pops of color throughout create a modern feel, boosting the energy of the space. WD provided wall graphics to represent WGB’s global reach, while also reflecting the vision, goals and mission of the firm’s 31 year history.


Wood Gutmann & Bogart


Tustin, CA


3,500 sf tenant improvement


Interior Design