Say Hello to Our Newest Family Members!

Westgroup Designs welcomes three new faces to our family: John Coons, Principal and Higher Education Market Leader (center); Renee Rose Andrade, Director of Strategy (right); and Rilla Peng, Marketing Communications Manager (left).

John is bringing additional senior leadership power to the team!

John is joining WD with over 30 years of experience in planning, design, project management and business development. His inclusive, interdisciplinary approach has resulted in projects notable for their contextual sensitivity, programmatic responsiveness, economy, commitment to sustainability and award-winning design quality. In his spare time, he and his wife enjoy traveling, attending music concerts and sipping on wine.

Renee is on board to trim our sails to the wind!

Renee brings a holistic approach to strategy with experience in marketing, brand communications, business development, team leadership and organizational and talent management. She loves unlocking vision, creating direction and providing structure, and then seeing creative teams reap the benefits. Outside of work, Renee is dedicated to her husband and 4-year old daughter, “mini me.” Her bucket list includes visiting Angkor Wat, collaborating with Tony Robbins and space tourism.

Rilla is helping us up the ante in marketing and brand communications!

Rilla is a recent graduate from University of California, Santa Barbara with experience in marketing, social media, public relations and graphic design. She holds an incorrigible passion for creation, whether this means painting images on a canvas or computer screen, illustrating concepts through words or animating ideas via speech and sound. When she isn’t working, Rilla spends time with her family, blasts Electronic Dance Music (EDM), visits new eateries and stares into an abyss of corgi photos.