On September 21st, The WD crew volunteered with the Orange County CoastKeeper, a nonprofit clean-water organization that serves as a proactive steward for our water ecosystems. To celebrate their 35th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day, our team spent the day picking up trash along our Southern California beaches. In just our segment, 333 cigarette butts, 491 foam fragments, and 482 plastic pieces were collected amongst other forms of trash.

With an impressive number of volunteers, 110 miles of coastline was cleaned up on this day, unifying counties throughout California!

Elevating the community is vital part of what we focus on each day with our staff, clients and industry partners- by volunteering with events like this, and through the details in every design project we take on, which make a difference in the way our clients live, work, play and heal.

Orange County CoastKeeper’s Mission: To protect the region’s water resources so they are swimmable, drinkable and fishable for present and future generations.