WD’s design of the new San Diego International Airport Taxi Terminal and Offices adds designated rest and training space for taxi and bus drivers while enhancing circulation to the airport.

WD is at the finish line for construction for the San Diego International Airport Taxi Terminal and Offices, opening January 18, 2016. WD's design of the new building provides a space for the employees of the airport taxis and rental car buses to rest between shifts. It also acts as a connection for bus drivers to the airport. A key design feature includes an enclosed patio with a stainless steel ornamental screen, connecting both exterior and interior which allows for natural light to enter in. An oasis of landscaping around the building will provide a shelter from noise to create a place of tranquility for employees.

The new 3,700 sf building has separate break rooms for taxi and rental car bus drivers and training room for rental car bus drivers that overlooks the runway. In addition, the new airport taxi terminal changes taxi drivers' queue and payment systems for airport access, and provides a space for drivers to have access to the new Consolidated Car Rental Center (CONRAC). This center replaces 85 separate rental car buses with just 16 constantly circulating buses, which in return will clear out the airport traffic lanes, bettering the flow of the airport.

WD's resulting design enhances both the day-to-day working experience of employees and the airport's taxi and bus operations.