When WD designs an experience for a client and their business, we ensure that their vision drives every single thing that we do. Knowing your audience and what captivates them is key. Whether the environment is a new campus, a building, a workspace or a unique venue, we believe that great solutions are a culmination of attitude and approach, enthusiasm for discovery and a passion for design.

Pictured here is a sneak peak of the entry design we created for the new concept of Levity Entertainment’s Improv, in Milwaukee. Our client is excited about this second venture with the new design concept and remarked “…It’s just another reason why we love working with you and your team, because you really “get” us and that’s invaluable”.

This 16,000 square foot performance venue, slated to open in mid 2020, will seat 500+ and entertain with multiple lounges and features throughout.

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