Virtual Reality through Visualization is now the norm to create that desired three-dimensional immersive experience, whether gaming for fun or building physical space. This digital experience can create an understanding of a project’s look and feel, and shows the potential of where a project can go.

As part of our typical design process, beginning with space planning, we work in 3D- in real space, in real time. Here is a sample of one of our recent projects, developed with our 3D modeling technology! This digital experience, customized to satisfy the viewer’s curiosity for detail, reveals the ultimate potential of the space, enhancing the understanding of the space’s look, feel and function.

Whether designers or end users of great space, we are all visual people…and delight in being given this opportunity to see beyond what mere drawings can tell us. Utilizing tools like this on every project not only expedites the design process, saving time, but is an invaluable tool for collaboration and communication, from early conceptual modeling to the final construction documentation.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the early phase of the design process with us….Step inside and enjoy the experience!