Virtual Reality through Visualization is now the norm to create that desired three-dimensional immersive experience, whether gaming for fun or building physical space. This digital experience can create an understanding of a project’s look and feel, and shows the potential of where a project can go.

As part of our typical design process, beginning with space planning, we work in 3D- in real space, in real time. Here is a sample of one of our recent projects, developed with our 3D modeling technology! This digital experience, customized to satisfy the viewer’s curiosity for detail, reveals the ultimate potential of the space, enhancing the understanding of the space’s look, feel and function.

Whether designers or end users of great space, we are all visual people…and delight in being given this opportunity to see beyond what mere drawings can tell us. Utilizing tools like this on every project not only expedites the design process, saving time, but is an invaluable tool for collaboration and communication, from early conceptual modeling to the final construction documentation.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the early phase of the design process with us….Step inside and enjoy the experience!

Westgroup Designs is designing the first phase of Opzoon’s new R&D Tech Campus / Data Center in Tianjin, China, with a focus on scaling the employee experience.

Opzoon Technology Co., Ltd. Is a global solutions provider for data center and cloud computing with over 400 patents. Fueling the company’s meteoric growth is an expansion of its core R&D operations through the construction of a new R&D Tech Campus / Data Center in Tianjin and Westgroup Designs (WD) is designing the first phase. Click here to view the project case study.

For many of our designers, creating experiences in Next Gen and STEM learning resonates very close to home. We have a passion for thinking outside of the box- whether it’s through the community, at home, or for the holidays; our designers share their favorite approaches to engaging their children in STEM activities after hours and outside of the classroom.


Watch out SpaceX, There’s a New Inventor in Town.

Architectural Design Director, Kenneth Ong, AIA and his 6-year-old son, Ryan, engaged in a fun STEM activity at the Astounding Inventions 2017 event. Ryan had great fun building and launching several iterations to improve the design and durability of his rocket.


Who Needs an iPad When You Can Build Your Own Computer?

Director of Strategy, Renee Rose Andrade and her husband help their 6-year-old daughter, Aria, build her own Kano computer. Aria has an enduring interest in computer technology (aka iPads and iPhones), and now she has a blast learning to code games, art, music and even apps on her Kano computer.


Put the Elf Back on the Shelf. Leprechaun Traps Spark Creativity That’s as Good as Gold.

Senior Interior Designer, Vickie Nicola, CID and her 5-year-old-son, Gavin, create traps to capture mischievous Leprechauns in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Gavin builds the Leprechaun traps out of blocks, legos, and toys and then puts a coin in the center. The goal being to lure in the Leprechaun and have the structure collapse and trap him. It makes for exciting mornings when the family dog or cat knocks the trap down the night before, because Gavin is convinced his traps are working!